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Understanding the Importance of Exercise

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Strength training is often thought of as a men's fitness regimen, but the benefits are incredible for women, too! Increases bone density – Bone density declines as women age, especially following menopause... Helps with weight loss – Contrary to common belief, strength training can help with weight loss.

Strength is important because muscle mass diminishes as you age. Just like flexibility, endurance, cardiovascular health and balance, you must stimulate your muscles or else you will lose muscle mass. Strength training puts stress on your bones and helps to increase bone density.

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Cropped Shot Of Unrecognizable Pregnant Woman Training With Dumbbells At Home, Expectant L

The benefits of weight lifting during pregnancy

It strengthens your abdominal and back muscles, helping prevent the lower back pain that's common during pregnancy. It helps build stamina, which comes in handy during labor and delivery. It can keep your pregnancy weight gain within a healthy range for your body.

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