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(Based in Singapore. Virtual options available)

* All prices inclusive of travel to your desired location 

Fofrt Cacnning.jfif

Fort Canning

Condo gym.jfif

Condo Gyms


Beach Workouts

Single Trial Session

Single Session (pay-as-you-go)

Package x 10 sessions

Package x 20 sessions

Package x 30 sessions 

Package x 50 sessions

6-week Body & Nutrition Transformation

(2x training per week + weekly food plan)

Other Services Available (By Request): 

Group 2 or 3
Pre & Post Natal
Group Classes
Team Building / Corporate Bootcamps
Virtual 1:1 Personal Training 
Virtual Group Session








$70 - $80 per person
$350 onwards
$40 per person

*Train Like A Model (Fitness & Nutrition)


Botanical Gardens

Home Gym.jfif

Home Gyms

Outdoor Fitness.jfif

Outdoor Fitness Parks

To book Donnar for a trial session, fill in the contact form here.

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