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Is a Personal Trainer What I Need? 

Perhaps you’ve hit a plateau in your fitness program, or you’re looking to re-energize your workouts. If so, hiring a personal trainer may help you reach your goals and transform your body. While there are many benefits of working with a trainer, you may wonder if doing so is right for you. 

Here are some questions to ask yourself: 

  • What are my goals? 

  • Why do I want to lose weight/gain muscle/get fit?

  • Am I ready to be held accountable?


  • Do I have a hard time staying motivated? 

  • Is my schedule open? 

  • Am I willing to make changes that might feel uncomfortable?

Contact me today to book a free discovery call.  I look forward to connecting with you soon!



Do you find yourself: 

  • Trying numerous weight-loss trends but seeing little or no results? 

  • Having little or no motivation to exercise or workout? 

  • Frequently feeling lethargic throughout the day? 


Would you: 

  • Want to look like the best version of yourself on your wedding day? 

  • Be keen to make your skin glow from the inside out?

  • Want to have the right curves at the right place to look stunning in your wedding gown or tuxedo?


Do you feel:

  • You need a significant change?

  • Uncertain about which sort of program is best tailored to suit your body and your specific needs?

  • You need a sustainable diet plan? 

  • You need someone to guide you and to hold you accountable on your fitness journey? 


Do you wonder: 

  • How much should I be exercising?

  • What exercises should I be doing during my pregnancy?

  • What exercises should I avoid during my pregnancy?

  • What are some signs that the exercise I’m doing is too intense?



Are you:

  • Wondering if you can ever get back in shape?

  • Looking to go back to your physically active days?

  • Hoping to be a stronger and healthier mum?


  • Develop nutritious eating habits for optimal growth

  • Build strength and fitness to improve sport performance

  • Reduce the chances of sports injuries

  • Correct any bad posture, form or technique


1. The Recovery Stage: 

To recuperate and allow your body to begin the healing process

2. The Repair Stage

Gently ease your body back to pre-injury levels of range-of-motion (ROM), or as close to pre-injury levels as possible.

3. The Strength Stage

Work back to pre-injury levels of muscular strength and endurance, along with cardiovascular endurance. 

4. The Function Stage

Restoring functional capabilities:

  • Coordination

  • Change-of-direction capability

  • Agility

  • Balance

  • Rate-of-force development (the speed at which force can be produced)


  • Are you bored of your current training plan?

  • Have your results stagnated?

  • Are you struggling to attain your goals? 

  • Do you need a boost to break through that plateau?


Would you like to know:

  • What works for you and your body to get you to your goal?

  • What is their diet and exercise regime?

  • Are cheat days included in a model diet plan? 

  • Do I have what it takes to have a model body?


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Weight Loss
Clients Responses to Donnar’s Training Sessions

3 weeks of hard work, 21 days clean n lean diet, 12 kick ass PT sessions, 4.3% body fat lost! Haven't felt this energetic and strong in years! 
Big thanks to my awesome foursome trainer, who incidentally trained both top fat percentage losing females for the 2 Fit challenges so far! That can't be a coincidence. Thank you, Donnar Malena!

Kerrie Koh (1).jpg

"I met Donnar at Riot and she was encouraging and relentless on whipping us into shape. Though the level of fitness of the group varied, she managed to push us to our maximum individually. Donnar is also friendly and approachable and yet still manages to push us. She's a great trainer and she knows her stuff!" 

Victoria Xue
Legal Counsel | Nansen

Kerrie Koh
Training Consultant | Outward Bound Singapore


If asked to describe Donnar in one word, it would no doubt be "Badass". She pushes you to go beyond what you thought you were capable of while keeping that smile on your face. There is a strong community feel with her classes, where everyone becomes friends and works together to get better. Her classes are definitely the toughest I have ever been to and  I am constantly challenged. 

Amanda Ong
Head of Partnerships | Prudential Wealth Management

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