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A Sampling of Client Testimonials

Here’s what a few clients have said about Donnar’s Personal Training, Bootcamp and Group Classes.

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Andrew pang.jpg

Donnar has a vast repertoire of static and dynamic exercises, and customized my workout program so I could achieve my goals in the shortest time. Training with her amidst my occasional injuries, she helped me stay fit while recovering while encouraging me to do more exceeding my limits and expectations. She has a keen eye and ensures I always have the right form and focus. She is very knowledgeable and genuinely cares. I would definitely recommend Donnar. A very professional trainer and a very good friend. Thanks Donnar! 

Andrew Pang,

Regional Brand Ambassador | House of Suntory

My reservation with strength training was that it would turn me into an unsightly female body builder. When I was first introduced to Donnar, she assured me that whilst my concern was valid she used a very different approach to create the strong but lean build that I have always wanted to achieve. From that moment on I have never looked back. Whilst Donnar is petite with a smile and always happy to chat and take your mind off the tough session, she is a force to be reckoned with. No one ever said this was easy but my goal was to see results and I'm seeing them. It's definitely worth the pain knowing I'm finally on the right path. 

Benedicte Heaney 

Founder | Burger Joint


My impression of Donnar when I first met her was that she was a fun but strict trainer. She never goes easy on me during my workouts and constantly pushes me beyond my limit - a quality I look for in a trainer. 

When I came back from England last year, I was horrified and disgusted with my weight gain and unsightly figure. I became determined to lose all the unwanted body fats and get my body back in shape. To achieve my fitness goals and lose weight, I knew I could count on Donnar to be my personal trainer. 

I have been training with Donnar for almost two years now and I have to say training sessions have been incredibly fun and enjoyable. Also, in this short span of time, I have noticed a huge improvement in my strength. Donnar delivers a comprehensive training programme that suits my needs and would help me to achieve my fitness goals. I highly recommend her as a personal trainer. 

Rachel Koh

Associate | Harneys

Jayant Iyer.jpg

An excellent personal fitness trainer. What you get when training with Donnar is a knowledgeable gym guru who personalizes a training regime designed to achieve your fitness goals within a reasonable time frame. She is able to push you to achieve beyond your known limits without compromising on safety. Strongly recommend +++!

Dr. Jayant Iyer

Senior Consultant | Glaucoma department in the Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC)

Donnar Malena is an outstanding personal trainer. She not only trains but also teaches, creating for clients flexible and effective individualized training plans while teaching safe and proper form. I came to Donnar seeking help with increasing my strength and flexibility while managing chronic knee pain. Taking my requirements into consideration, she has developed a series of challenging - sometimes extremely challenging - and effective workouts that have allowed me to progress at a steady pace. The training program that Donnar has developed for me and that we are executing together has allowed me to get far stronger and become far more mobile than I would have achieved training on my own. I unhesitatingly endorse Donnar and would recommend her services to anyone. 

Alex Macdonald | Senior Technical Writer

Stacey Wong_edited.jpg

Regularly attending Donnar's HIIT and TRX classes, her greatest strength is by far her ability to create extremely challenging workouts on a consistent basis, combining strength and cardio. She also avoids repetitive and duplicate exercises and programs in order to keep workouts fresh even among her regulars. 

Donnar's sessions can be difficult, but she is able to tailor them to individual fitness levels. Her classes are the rare kind that can be satisfying for two people of very different fitness levels that are going through the same session at the same time. Donnar's classes are easily the best workout I've found in Singapore and they are on par with challenging HIIT or power yoga classes in the US. 

She likes burpees, pull ups and wine. You will too! Highly recommend!


Stacey Wong

Senior Associate | Latham & Watkins LLP 

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