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"Donnar is a hard trainer and her sessions are always tough. This is exactly what I'm looking for in a fitness coach. She attracts people who take care of their physical appearance and who want to work hard. Donnar sets tough sessions and her followers are all too keen to try and complete them."

David Hug


"I started doing bootcamps with Donnar just after I arrived in Singapore. I always enjoyed her sessions because they train all parts of my body really hard. I also realized that just after a few sessions, my cardio and strength got a lot better and it encouraged me to train even harder."

Corrine Steiner


"I've attended Donnar's RIOT classes and was amazed by the intensity of her workouts. They are a lot of fun, VARIED and exhausting - Love it!! Donnar is a very experienced coach that knows how to push and motivate you throughout a workout in a great way so you definitely get the most out of it."

Alex Staldelmann


Donnar is amazing in coaching, giving precise instructions and adaptable to my needs. She was always very supportive, encouraging me to do as much as I could do, and pushing me beyond my limits. Having had to move to London, I am missing her training tons! 

Josephine Wong_edited.jpg

Donnar is amazing in tailoring workouts that gets you amazingly strong and lean. She's worked closely with me for my races including the gruelling Men's Health obstacle run, incorporating plyometrics, HIIT, kettlebells and of course, the good old pull-up bar. The sooner you start training with Donnar, the sooner your transformation begins. 

Shannen Song_edited.jpg

"I loved Donnar's RIOT classes at R-Evolution. She comes up with new programs each time to keep things different and authentic. Donnar is an effective coach as she pushes you really hard but also takes time to correct your form and technique to ensure that you not only get an intense but also injury-free-kickass session."

Evi Achilla

Josephine Wong

Shannen Song

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