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Lying Leg Raise with Hip Thrust

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

I like the lying leg raise with a hip thrust because it's great for strengthening but it's also good for sculpting and defining your abs. You won't have to do many reps before you feel it igniting muscles you've never felt before.

Get ready to challenge yourself with this intense exercise. The lying bench leg raise with hip thrust is a great exercise for hitting your abdominal muscles.

  1. Set up for the exercise by getting a flat bench and positioning it to give enough room for your legs to extend out one end.

  2. Sit on the bench with your buttocks close to one end, then lay back.

  3. Grasp the bench at head height for stability.

  4. Extend your legs straight out level with your body, keeping your knees and feet together. This is the starting position for the movement.

  5. Bending at the hips only, slowly raise your legs up until they are pointing straight up.

  6. At this point lift your pelvis off the bench as high as possible.

  7. Lower your pelvis back down, imagine going down vertebrae by vertebrae, and slowly lower your feet back to the starting position.

Exercise Tips: Complete the entire exercise slowly. Add intensity by pausing at the top of the hip thrust, or hold a dumbbell with your feet.

If you are a beginner or have back problems, do not perform hip thrusts. You can just perform lying leg raises. Take your time with this exercise – it is not about speed!


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