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Red Lentil & Broccoli Turkey Soup.jpeg

Red Lentil & Broccoli Turkey Soup
30 min      473kcal


White Onion



Mint, fresh

Red Lentils, dry

Cilantro, fresh

Ground Cumin

Ground Cardamom

Ground Turmeric

Red Chili Pepper


Ground Black Pepper

Ground Ginger

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Red Pepper Flakes, crushed

Turkey Breast, raw

Nutritional Value




1/2 small

1/2 cup

1 clove

5 leaves

5 tbsp

1 tsp

1/3 tsp

1/3 tsp

1/3 tsp

1 medium

2 pinches

1 pinch

1/3 tsp

1 tbsp

1 pinch





Step by Step

  • Soak lentils for 30-60 min. prepare the rest - peel garlic and onion, wash herbs and vegetables and chop broccoli, onion, red chili pepper (optional), cilantro, mint leaves, and cut turkey breast into small pieces. 

  • In a small cooking pot add half of the olive oil and sautee the minced garlic and onion at medium-high heat for about 1 min. Add turmeric, ginger, cumin, red pepper flakes and cardamom. Stir and add "a sip" of water, so that the spices don't burn.

  • Stir again and add chopped broccoli, lentils, a pinch of salt, ground black pepper, and about 2 cups of water (so that everything is covered). 

  • Add turkey pieces. 

  • Cover everything with the lid and cook for 15-30 min until lentils are tender and everything else is cooked.

  • Add mint and cilantro. Turn off the heat. 

  • If you like creamy soups blend the soup with a hand blender all the way through until smooth. Stir in the remaining olive oil. season with a pinch of salt, and pour some boiling water if too thick. Add chopped red chili pepper at the end (optional). 

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