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Helpful Hints:

You should try to follow the following tips to help make healthier food choices:

  • choose low salt and low sugar breakfast cereals instead of sugar coated cereals

  • choose sauces that are vegetable or tomato based rather than creamy

  • go for curries that are dry - avoid creamy or coconut-based

  • ask for any dressings on the side

  • try to stay away from butter or buttery sauces, oily dressings and mayonnaise even in potato salad or coleslaw

  • when ordering from a menu, don't be afraid to ask how a dish is cooked


As well as choosing healthier options, it's also important to avoid eating too much.

This isn't always as easy as it sounds, so here are some common sense tips that you might find helpful:

  • try not to have lots of bread or other nibbles before your meal arrives

  • try sharing a starter or dessert with a friend

  • when you're ordering a variety of dishes, try not to order too many

  • wait until you've eaten your main course before you order a dessert - you might already be full

  • if there is a dessert on the menu you really fancy, then don't have a starter and go straight to your main course, or don't have a main course and have two starters instead

  • if you want a healthy dessert, go for fresh fruit or sorbet

  • if your meal doesn't come with vegetables, order some as a side dish or have a salad with your meal or as a starter

  • have salad in your sandwiches

  • have a glass of fruit juice with your meal

  • choose a meal made with lentils, beans or vegetables

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