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Client Testimonials

Read below what Donnar’s coaching clients have said about her coaching services.


Contact Donnar today to explore how Personal Training, Bootcamps and Classes can help you be the author of your own success story.


We really enjoyed training with Donnar! It was the perfect mix of fun and challenging - getting us enthusiastic about training while keeping us on our toes at the same time. Both of us could feel ourselves getting fitter and stronger with a very sustainable workout schedule that we could fit in with our work and other commitments. Would definitely recommend working with Donnar for a fantastic training experience! :)

Abishek Balasubramaniam | Anamika Suresh

Senior Consultant | Senior User Researcher

Donnar is a great trainer. She's always cheerful but pushes you hard to achieve your personal goals. As she gets to know you better, she will also get a better understanding of your limits and make sure that you push yourself to your maximum. In order to keep the training interesting, she constantly changes her routines and to ensure that her clients do not get bored over time. I would recommend training with Donnar if you want to train hard and achieve your goals! 

Imelda Tanoto

RGE Managing Director and a member of the Executive Management Board | RGE Group


I met Donnar when she was my bootcamp coach. Her sessions were always tough but she is always dynamic, smiling and in a good mood, which is really motivating. Taking up personal training with her was one of the best decisions I've ever made as it changed many things in my life. She pushes me hard and she is very supportive. She never lets me give up. Thanks to a diet and lots of training, I lost 8kg in a few months. I am really happy because I have always wanted to do it but I have never had the motivation to do it. Achieving some goals that I never thought unreachable, Donnar is now helping me to focus on new targets. I never thought I could enjoy so much to do sport. I really improved in my capacities, feeling firmer and better in my body, and I really have Donnar to thank for that. 

Emilie Nauleau | BNP Paribas, France

Donnar is a very personable individual who interacts well with the members. More importantly, she is always keen on ensuring that the members met their fitness goal whilst working tirelessly when we used the gym, or during her exercise classes. She always made certain that our form was on point and within our limits. Her firm but fun way of encouraging us made our training sessions not only more enjoyable, but also, more fruitful and beneficial. I certainly was one of many members who looked forward to attending classes that she conducted each week. 

Brenda-Gail D'Cruz

Director of Legal, IP and Business Affairs in APAC | Sony PlayStation

I have been a client of Donnar's for the past year and a half. I have found her to be very professional and prompt to our sessions at all times. She was very able through her extensive fitness knowledge to devise a wonderful personal program for me which has kept me interested and challenged, so not only my fitness level and body shape improved, my energy level also increased. Donnar has a lovely personality and I very much enjoy our sessions. I would have no reservations in recommending Donnar as a Personal Trainer. 


Sara Munday | Universal Studios Singapore

Lana Luhur_edited.jpg

Always motivating and encouraging, Donnar places realistic goals and ensures that I stay on track to achieve these goals. She encourages me to keep persevering especially during those times when I want to give up. Her enthusiasm and knowledge to live a healthy lifestyle is obvious when looking at her physical appearance and seeing her working out at the gym regularly. Donnar's knowledge in the realm of Fitness illustrates that she is a good personal trainer and I would strongly recommend her to anyone.

Lana Park | Canadian International School

For me - admittedly indifferent and lazy about physical fitness if left to my own devices, Donnar has been a great motivator. She stretches me enough to extract results but also understands the limit beyond which pushing me further would become counter-productive. Knowing how hard to push each individual to achieve optimal results requires both expert knowledge and intuitive experience. 

Donnar is effective in pacing and in making the time appear to pass more quickly - sociable banter and judicious encouragements to have a drink of water being key tools. 

She is great at taking into account ones goals, strengths and weaknesses in order to engineer an optimal outcome. And she makes working out fun - enough so that a gym-phobic like me still returns to train. 

Elaine Teo Harbinson

General Manager SEAU | Salvatore Ferragamo

Josephine Wong_edited.jpg

Training with Donnar is fun and her workouts vary each time, hence, never a dull moment. Don is amazing in TAILORING workouts that do not bulk you up (as a woman) yet strong, which is what I am looking for. She's worked closely with me for my races including the gruelling Men's Health obstacle run, incorporating plyometrics, high intensity interval training, Kettlebells and of course, the good old pull-up bar! I would highly recommend Donnar as a personal trainer.


In fact, the sooner you start, the sooner your body transformation begins! 

Josephine Wong | Deutsche Bank AG 

Training with Donnar has not only been a fruitful experience, she makes being at the gym a fun and enjoyable one. She is firm but never fierce when it comes to working out with you and she always makes sure that you're safe while pushing yourself! The best part is her friendly smile and she is never intimidating. She definitely knows her techniques and I'll definitely work with her again. 

Lydia Wong | Legal Associate

Knowing what I was looking for when I requested for a trainer... Donnar proved to be that someone who was focused on technique, organized and at the same time, conscious of the workouts a woman should do to still look feminine. Finding that in Donnar, and being similarly aligned on those fronts, I saw results pretty quickly. Its a great feeling knowing you have found a trainer who you can trust to work with on your fitness and aesthetic goals.

Wee Jing Yi  | The Dunia Baru

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